5 Easy Ways to Win College Scholarships

financial aidAs students, we all know that college is NOT cheap. The price of tuition is often daunting. I know for myself, I cringe a little each time I see that bill released. It seems almost impossible to imagine getting through school without ending up in some sort of debt. The good news is, it IS POSSIBLE. With the amount of scholarships there are out there, you can absolutely find a way to get yourself through college without drowning yourself in debt.

The scholarship applications for CU have now opened! Make sure to start your application as soon as possible. While you’re in the process of applying, here are 5 simple and easy steps you can take to win some serious scholarship money!


  1. Start Looking NOW

I know most of you reading this are already in college, but it’s essential to know that it is never too late to look for scholarships. Whether you’re a freshman or a junior, the time to start looking for scholarships is now! Every little bit helps. If you’re on top of the scholarship game you’re much more likely to win some awards. Stop by the Financial Aid office today and ask them to help you look for scholarships!

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

The world is at our fingertips. From smartphones to laptops, and everything in between, we are surrounded by technology and the ability to access and search the Internet from just about anywhere. Take advantage of this and use the Internet to find the best scholarships. You can look for scholarships while sitting on the bus, waiting for class to start, or when you’re just lounging around. Some awesome scholarship-finding sites are, Scholly, ScholarshipOwl, FastWeb, and Zinch. Be proactive and find that money!

  1. Know and Understand Your Personal Interests and Family Ties

What makes you unique? Do you have an interesting hobby? You’d be surprised what types of scholarships are out there! You could get a scholarship simply for being left-handed. If you have a certain skill or interesting ability, look up if there are scholarships offered for it.
Another important thing to note is that you can earn scholarships from other aspects of your life. For example, your gender, ethnic, racial or religious background can earn you a scholarship. As well as your decided major, extracurricular activates, or future career path.

  1. Be Persistent

Applying for scholarships can definitely be tedious, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Apply for as many scholarships as you can find and don’t get discouraged if you get denied. Just because you didn’t win one scholarship, doesn’t mean there aren’t 100 more out there you could win! I had a roommate who applied for so many scholarships, she not only got her full tuition covered, but her cost of living off campus is paid for as well! You can make it happen!

  1. Submit the Best Application You Can

It’s important you give your scholarship applications your all. Don’t halfway do it. A winning scholarship application is one that is clean and neat, the directions are thoroughly read through, the essays are well composed and show time, effort, and thought, and all deadlines are met. If you submit an unpolished application, the ones awarding the scholarships are going to assume you don’t take the process seriously; and if you don’t take the process seriously, why should they pick you? Often times you wont meet face to face with those choosing who wins the scholarship, so your application is your one and only shot to make a really good impression. If you appear motivated, diligent, hard working, and serious about the scholarship you re applying for, you’re much more likely to get the award!


Scholarships are a college student’s lifesaver. There are thousands of dollars worth of scholarships that go unused every year! Don’t count yourself out. Take advantage of what is out there and apply for as may scholarships as you can. You never know what you could end up getting. Even if you only win a couple hundred dollars, every bit helps! Good luck and happy applying!

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