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We offer freeĀ  workshops on a variety of financial education topics. Workshops are free and available for CU Boulder student groups, organizations, and residence halls. We present to both small and large groups and can create custom workshops based on your group’s needs and interests.

Examples of workshops to choose from:

  • Spent: Looking for Change–a 40 minute film screening that follows the stories of everyday Americans that do not have access to the banking system; a guided discussion follows the film screening
  • Best Money Websites and Apps for Students–discover the best apps and websites to help you manage your finances
  • The Walking Debt–practical tips to manage debt, avoid quick fixes, and plan to resolve financial trouble
  • Budget Bootcamp–learn how to track expenses, consider wants and needs, and practice good money habits
  • Money Matters for Millennials–basic money management skills for the millennial generation
  • Credit Common Cents–learn all about building and establishing credit, FICO scores, difference between credit report vs. credit score
  • No Money, Mo’ Problems–Stress relief tips and techniques for dealing with money problems
  • Operation Graduation–connecting income and career as well as managing money to ensure a successful life after college

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Different students have different needs. As best you can, please help us identify characteristics of your audience so we can plan our workshop: (This information is kept strictly confidential.)